The Narrow Corner

“Short, therefore, is man’s life; and narrow is the corner of the earth wherein he dwells.” Marcus Aurelius Antoninus – (121-180) noted that in his Meditations. Here is a picture of how small the earth is whose narrow corner we dwell.

But wait there is more. Here is the size of our world in a larger perspective. Scroll down that page and marvel at the narrowness of the corner. Humbling isn’t it?

[1. Somerset Maugham titled one of his books “The Narrow Corner”.

2. Also check out a previous post on “When are we?“]

Author: Atanu Dey


6 thoughts on “The Narrow Corner”

  1. I guess you were asking for this question, so here it goes…. Ever heard of something called ‘total perspective vortex’ ;-)?


  2. Going further “up”, he discovered that all those differences, which were either obvious to the eye or to the mind, were aberrant manifestations on an absolute reality, with no independent existence of their own.

    And time, space and causality — each of which seemed to be the fundamental building blocks of the perceived world — themselves seemed to have a fleeting reality leaving behind an absolute consciousness.

    And the universe with the “usual” name-form characterization, disappeared into the absolute consciousness.

    He exclaimed: “Everything was perfect as it always was, chidruposi sadaa sakshi nirapekshah sukham chara

    [Thanks, Atanu!]


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