The Great White Hope — Our Beloved Leader

The Hindu of 27th May carried a news item ( “Tell all job scheme is Congress brainchild“) which crystallizes the idea of India like nothing else I have come across of late.

It quotes Dr. Singh: “I request that you should carry the message across to people that this right [to employment] has been given to them by Soniaji. This right has been given to them by the Congress party… If you assist in implementing this law in a proper manner, you will be able to lay a strong foundation for creation of goodwill for our party and our beloved leader, Ms. Sonia Gandhi.” [Emphasis mine.]

How I wish that the GWH–OBL had come to India’s rescue, say, 30 years ago. But better late than never. Now at least when the message is heard far and wide across this GREAT nation that our beloved leader has gifted employment to hundreds of millions, the gratitude of the brown natives will know no bounds and they will kiss the earth and vote the family of the GWH–OBL into power to continue to deliver to them gifts from the GWH.

My admiration for the visionary leaders of India—educated and celebrated across the world–goes up even more for their astute assessment of how to keep the voting public eternally grateful to the GWH–OBL.

(I did not realize that the GWH–OBL had that much money in the bank. I was laboring under the illusion that it was the Indian taxpayer who was funding the NREG, which I had written about earlier and decided that it will guarantee greater poverty. Well, now that Dr MM Singh has assured us that it is being personally funded by the GWH–OBL, I am reassured.)

All bow to the Great White Hope, Our Beloved Leader, the Dispenser of Rights to Employment to Indian Natives, the Giver of Gifts to Fight Poverty. Long live the Great White Hope.

[The Acorn argues that Dr Manmohan Singh Must Go. The comments are also worth noting.]

Author: Atanu Dey


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