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  1. Frankly, I don’t want to turn this into FF vs Opera debate. But all of them would agree that Firefox sucks mostly. Specially the newer version. It hogs the memory and slows everything down.

    I use Linux personally and WOULD never ever touch Windows even with a barge pole. However, FF is one of the worst implementation of Open Source; though argubaly slightly better than Internet Explorer. I remain partial towards Opera (www.opera.com) and you would soon get used to the speed(it’s indeed the fastest browser around, specially the way it renders a web page) as well as excellent forums to get you started. Firefox users can make the switch; with extremely crappy extensions that are at times buggy and I don’t feel safe with the security aspect of the same. Enough to trick any unsuspecting user to install spyware on their systems.

    In KDE, Konqueror is light years ahead of Firefox- though, I miss the user friendliness of Opera.Everything is tightly integrated in Konqueror- the RSS feeds, Mail, IRC Chats, Instant Messenger, VoIP (via Linphone) and what have you. Plus, it’s Web Standards compliant. (So is Opera). And one of the best examples of Open Source collaboration.

    Or better still dump Windows and go Open Source! Linux is welcoming everyone with open arms; everything is FREE as in FREE beer. You only pay for the cost of the hardware and Internet access. It’s a deal.


  2. I would generally agree with Abhishek above on Opera being much better than Firefox – especially since Opera is hardly as buggy as firefox is. The thing with firefox is the community support it receives in making it bleeding edge – which is good, at times – although Opera has introduced some nifty features. And, it is free, and works well with Windows!
    The best part I like about Opera is its caching feature and the “trash” button feature.


  3. i agree with abhishek i.e {;-o} konqueror is best. But What I would like to mention Atanu is – have a IE version for IE users, as most of them are IE uesrs currently. Also, may be see if your site agrees to the w3c standards! then u would have no problems


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