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Among the contemporary economists I greatly admire, Paul Krugman and Jeffrey Sachs appear at the top. Much of what I know of international trade, I learnt from Krugman and Obstfeld’s book on the subject. I admire Sachs for the work he is doing in focusing attention on the problems of underdeveloped parts of the world. So it is a definitely edifying experience to hear Krugman and Sachs on Radio Economics, a podcast site produced by Dr. James Reese, an economics professor at the University of South Carolina Upstate.

Prof Reese is providing an excellent platform where you can hear recognized intellectuals like Nobel prize-winning economist Prof Gary Becker. The interviews and discussions he’s been producing have been downloaded over 50,000 78,875 (as of Jan 18th) times since mid-October.

It is an eclectic mix of people Dr Reese has been speaking with. There is Susanna Francke, the recipient of the 2005 Female Economist of the Year Scholarship at the Stockholm School of Economics; and there is Dr. FAN Gang, listed as one of “World’s Top 100 Public Intellectuals,” the Director of the National Economics Research Institute, China. You would hear Prof Sachs talk about poverty reduction, disease control and climate change, and also hear Russ Roberts and Don Cox discuss Don’s idea for a made-for-TV movie about economics. Edward Hugh, a consulting economist living and working in Barcelona, Spain, talks about demography, demographic shocks and transitions, and the dual population problem.

Thanks to Ed Hugh, Prof James Reese asked me to appear on Radio Economics a few times. Naturally, I strongly suggest that you don’t waste time on listening to my conversations with James since you already know my views, and instead spend time listening to the other podcasts.

Author: Atanu Dey


7 thoughts on “Radio Economics: A Podcast of Economists”

  1. i heard your on inteview radio economics a while back there werent more details on risc,
    nor were you probed more on your buddhist studies by mr reese….
    also i had heard a confused indian dude who made a doccumentary on outsourcing.
    His level of confusion about topics was amazing. As per him it was ok for a small filmmaker to outsource but not a large company to do so.
    Strange logic!

    Any ways back to deesha is this a new interview or the same?


  2. The server snipped the bottom part!
    It is a continuation of the last post

    There were factual errors in your interview. You had stated that Indian animation accounts 20% of world animation.
    You said global animation industry is about 50 to 60 billion and 20% of animation/EPO is outsourced to India.
    That would be 10billion flowing that is not true the size of the Indian share is radically changed view is confused.


  3. Krishnan,

    I appreciate you confessing that you don’t have a stance on Outsourcing.

    Does your film atleast have a stance ? or is it just a mere medley ?


  4. I personally am not in the outsourcing industry. I don’t outsource, I don’t hire, I don’t fire,

    Well didnt you admit to Reese that your film about outsourcing was outsourced. 🙂
    My gripe with your interview has already been stated to which you did really respond and are engaging in a political style jumping around.
    It simply revolves around statements you made.
    Starting with your defination of outsourcing that you gave at the start of the program.
    Reese had asked you that has your opinion has changed regarding the topic, to which you replied as above.
    You incorrectly stated statistics regarding animation industry.
    That is a dangerous thing to do.
    you could have instead said i dont know statistics regarding animation in india.
    Which you did not do!

    Regarding Reese’s offer i’d decline
    b/c its giving publicity to your work which seems nothing but confused to me.
    Second reason being outsourcing service or tech jobs to india as having some amazing benifit to indian economy is something that i am not sold on. ie Ive never bought the myth that india is an IT or knowledge based superpower. Nor do i buy that outsourcing will solve indias economic woes.
    nor do i buy the brouhaha generated by those who thinks a its hurt US economy.
    Therefore i dont think giving a phenomina which is inconsequential in the longrun much weight is something i’d do.
    My reason for attacking your views were b/c they were confused in a dangerous way.
    you were perpetuating nonsense on greedy corporate america(you again tried to do it in this post by wording a topic like ‘slick
    cnbc segment where white collared exec gives a soothing talk crap).
    PS i live in US and work in tech industry.


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