12 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2006”

  1. Happy new year Atanu,

    I’ve recently begun reading your blog, and I like your libertarian ideas and economic prescriptions. How is the RISC implementation going? Any plans to go into politics?


  2. Atanu – that’s exactly the only New Year resolution I have also taken (with a little twist, though). I really hope that I can come up with a few more personal New Year resolutions 🙂


  3. Hi Atanu,

    Read this nice quote and wanted to share with you…
    Flowers don’t bloom any differently just because a new year has begun.Clouds move at the same pace whether it’s a new day or a new century.
    Yet for humans these convenient markers along the trail of life are quite convenient.We brood about what happened yesterday. We plan things for the next week.And with a new year, we feel our knapsack of time is replenished.Again What we missed doing last year we might be able to accomplish this time. And so the wheel turns. !!!

    Ultimately, it’s all relative. A story goes that a man prays to God.God appears and the man says, “Lord! Our billions of years are your one second. Our billions of dollars are merely a penny for you. Could you grant me a penny?” God smiles, says “Certainly! I will be back in a second,” and disappears.

    May your wishes be granted in the new year!


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