4 thoughts on “Saturday Silliness: Bush and Blair

  1. Navin Saturday November 5, 2005 / 3:38 pm

    Sure, you might have heard the reception he got in Argentina last week.

    I also read a nice article on Newsweek about how Chavez is turning out to be a big pain in the neck.

    OIL rules !!! (venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc)


  2. Navin Monday November 7, 2005 / 12:45 am


  3. Navin Monday November 7, 2005 / 12:46 am


  4. Dimitri Alexander Sunday November 13, 2005 / 2:13 pm

    Nice blog Atanu, you may add a Dutch (Amsterdam)dot on your frequent visiting map too..

    I visited Mumbay few weeks ago and was shocked (naive West European:-)

    Kind regards,
    Dimitri Alexander



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