Science and Famous Scientists

As part of my interest in high school education, I have been checking out prescribed textbooks in Indian schools. Take for instance the Science and Technology textbook for the 10th grade. The book that I am examining is published by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT).
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Disaster Fatigue

First there was the Andaman-Sumatra earthquake which resulted in the Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean. South Asia suffered massively last December and now another earthquake in the Himalayas has led to the loss of tens of thousands of lives. As if the man-made disasters were not enough, natural distasters have added to the woes.

Lives in over-crowded poor parts of the world are really cheap. The death of thirty thousand lives lost will probably be associated with a total damage of one billion US dollars at most. Hurrican Katrina and the ensuing flooding of New Orleans cost about a thousand lives but the cost is a whopping $200 billion. (On Oct 2nd, I spoke with Prof James Reese where we compared the Katrina with the Tsunami — the podcast is available here.)

My word to god would be enough already. Disaster fatigue is setting in.

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