From Francois Gautier

Dear friends,

As you know one of the biggest problems today is that Indian journalists are not always proud of their own culture and roots and as result tend to have a very negative outlook on India, which in turn influences western correspondents posted in India. It is therefore very important that we train a new generation of Indian journalists. It is for this purpose that we have started a new school of journalism in Bangalore called the Sri Sri Center for Media studies. There, we teach the best of journalistic knowledge, both print and electronic, along with classes (which I take myself) on Indian history, the ideal of true journalism and a little bit coaching in pranayama and meditation these two ancient Indian sciences which impart a good and intuitive mind.
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Gordon’s New Zealand

A couple of weeks ago, I went with my friend and colleague Shrikant Patil to New Zealand to understand the New Zealand schooling system.

I loved New Zealand for a number of reasons — its natural beauty and what the people have been able to do with the natural resources of that country. It is a prosperous and egalitarian nation of friendly people with a great sense of humor. (See “Even Hell has its Standards“.)

Gordon Dryden was our friend, philosopher, teacher and guide. I think I can do worse than point you to The World of New Zealand According to Gordon Dryden.

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