Month: May 2005

The World is Mad

Bestsellers touting the benefits of globalization are a regular feature of our times. Case in point: Tom Friedman’s The World is Flat. The title is supposed to shock the reader. “Damn! I thought the world was round. Thanks Tom, you… Read More ›

The Love of Adda

I have been described as a typical brooding intelligent introverted Bengali. Perhaps I am but I do have a couple of very Bengali traits: an obsession with food, and love of adda. What is adda? An intimate free-ranging discussion with… Read More ›

The Towing of Cars

Greater Vehicle, Lesser Vehicle, no matter. All vehicles will be towed at owners’ expense. It all began innocently enough. Three friends meeting in Pune’s Koregoan Park quarters to have lunch and chat. We finished lunch at a roadside dhaba and… Read More ›