Disgusted with Born Again and Stupidity

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Our chief weapons are fear and …


This one is too good to pass up. Myke sent me Jim Kunstler’s column about Pentecostals and evangelicals. The post is worth reading, including the many comments. For the record, here are the first and the last paragraphs of the post.

Last month media elder statesman Bill Moyers made a speech after receiving an award at Harvard in which he said that “born again” members of the Bush regime couldn’t possibly believe in the future if they truly subscribed to the doctrines of Pentecostal Christianity — since its theology includes the notion that the world has entered an “end times” scenario as described in the the Book of Revelations. Moyers went further, implying that people who explicitly and programmatically don’t believe in the future have no business running a government, the chief task of which is safeguarding the future.

Soon, the problems this nation faces will be so obvious and grave that George W. Bush and the Republicans and the WalMartians, and all the moneygrubbing TV preachers, and the people who can’t imagine an hour of leisure without engines ringing in their ears, and the offspring of all the bug-eyed lynch-mob cretins of yore will stand naked in discredit. The rest of the nation, the non-stupid, non-selfish, non-childish, non-believers in the idea that it is possible to get something for nothing will take a stand. It won’t be the end of the world, but it will be a political convulsion against a background of fire, proving that the future belongs to those who believe in the future.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Our chief weapons are surprise and fear …


The Seattle Times of Feb 20th, 2005 reports that Indians see Bush as good for peace.

In the poll, 62 percent of 1,005 Indians described Bush’s re-election as positive for peace and security. Only 27 percent said it was negative.

In France, 75 percent viewed Bush’s re-election as negative for peace and security, as did 77 percent in Germany.

Bush is good for peace? Hmm. That’s a new one. I used to think that the average Indian was better informed than that. But I guess I am wrong. Why do they like Bush?

Chief among the reasons Indians cited for liking Bush is his stance against terrorism. Indians, who have long faced terrorist attacks from separatists in Kashmir and other regions, welcome Bush’s pressure on India’s longtime nemesis, Pakistan, to crack down on Islamic militants trying to cross to the Indian side of Kashmir.

Good grief! Which planet do these morons live on? Bush considers the military dictator General Musharraf a frontline ally against global terrorism. It is like calling the fox who feasts in the hen-house every night as the greatest protector of chicken. Bush has his reasons to trust the General because the General asks how high when Bush says jump. But these Indian cretins should know that Musharraf is the butcher who masterminded Kargil and has been funding the terrorists in Kashmir and the rest of India. And much of that terrorism is funded from the military aid that Bush sends the General. At last count the aid was of the order of a billion and a half dollars. That buys a lot of jihadis in Kashmir and in the rest of India.

Why do some like Bush? Because he did not say that he was against outsourcing and therefore he is better for business, never mind that we have to live in a bloody dangerous world because of Bush.

The booming outsourcing industry also appreciates Bush’s pro-business, hands-off policy toward the shift of U.S. software, back-office and call-center jobs to India.

Ajay Lavakare, co-founder and head of a company that provides computerized mapping services, is a self-described liberal who abhors Bush’s stance on abortion, gun control and the death penalty.

Yet from his perch in Noida, a corporate center outside Delhi, he worried last fall about Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry’s rhetoric against the offshoring of U.S. jobs.

“We all sort of heaved a bit of a sigh of relief when Bush won, at least from the individual business perspective,” said Lavakare, who developed the business plan for his company while he was a Stanford University graduate student in 1991.

“From a purely selfish Indian point of view, Bush’s re-election was good for India,” he said. The Indian results in the BBC survey may have been skewed somewhat in favor of Bush because the poll was conducted in urban centers, where most of the beneficiaries of offshoring live. Polling in rural India remains difficult because of limited telephone service and resources.

Damn right it is a selfish attitude. Not just that, it is ignorant, short-sighted and morally abhorrant.

I have this cynical attitude that Indians are stupid. I am sorry but they are friggin’ lobotomized retarded myopic money-grubbing semi-literate slobbering morons who deserve all the shit they get if that gobal survey is an indication of their analytical skills and moral sense.

I am seriously disgusted.

Author: Atanu Dey


7 thoughts on “Disgusted with Born Again and Stupidity”

  1. LOL. This last (second last) paragraph is one of the reasons I love Atanu. Come now Atanu – speak your mind. Tell us what you *really* think of India and your fellow Indians 🙂

    But seriously, I am with Atanu on his assessment of our brethren. Replace ‘Indians’ with “Hindus” and I am in even greater concurrence.



  2. On a slightly more discordant note, I have to disagree with Atanu about Bush.

    While it is true GW has made the world a far less safer place, I always subscribe to the theory that man is better off dead than be alive and continue to live like a moron. And let us face it – the world has become completely moronic to say the least. Largely because of that parasitical thing called Islam, and due to other factors too.

    Iraq was a disaster in that America spent all that $$$ rebuilding, but it did give me tremendous joy to see an Islamic country being smashed as Baghdad was in the early stages. And if there is one person capable of bringing about the destruction of the entire Middle East, it is Bush. Bomb Mecca and Medina first, I say.

    As for cozying up to Pakistan, why blame Bush? Are the idiotic Hindus any better with their “bhai bhai” bullshit, ignoring 900 years of savage history and the fact that the only thing Muslims do when they’re in a majority is wipe out the minorities and persecute them relentlessly.
    At least with Bush there is a plus side (the possible extermination of the ME) — with Indians, there is absolutely nothing!

    Bring on Iran, bring on Syria. And this time, no freaking rebuilding.



  3. Harish keep your myopic ideas to yourself. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look spewing such hatred?
    Smash Baghdad indeed! Your argument is self-contradictory consider Iraq is one of the more secular countries in the Middle-East. Bush and gang are busy cozying up to the more “Islamic” states like the Saudis. See through their imperialistic tendencies driven by nothing but greed.

    Tolerance is the soul of Hinduism and is one of the reasons it has lasted for over 5 millenia. It is a pity you belittle your religion by professing such hatred.

    I agree with the author of this blog on the stupidity of people considering the world safer in the hands of Bush. This alleigence is driven by the same greed that guides the destruction of Iraq today. Wake up and smell the commericialism. There is more to life than money. In my own experience I have seen this approval of Bush stem from the distrust of Islam. It is a pity people have such a lop sided view of the world. I am a Hindu myself and if there is one thing I take pride in, it is the fact that we are a tolerant lot.
    Screw all the Modis and Advanis and the Mullahs and the bigots that are in our mainstream today.

    Harish,what needs “freaking rebuilding” is a better part of your brain!


  4. Harish, thanks for your comments. Sanketh, thanks for your comments. My response follows.

    I am opposed to oppression by any group, whether it be historical or present, Islamic or non-Islamic. GWB’s brand of showering death and destruction for commercial gain is as sickening as the terrorism that GWB claims to be at war with. Killing of innocents is never justified, irrespective of the provocation. I will never make common cause with GWB even if some of his enemies seek my own destruction. I hope that we are strong enough to face our own monsters without allying ourselves with monsters.

    I am not deluded enough to think that if only we behave nice-nice with those who seek our destruction that they will see reason and decide to live and let live. To our enemies we must not appear weak and indecisive. But that does not imply that we blindly go about nuking whole populations. That is an abyss we must not stare into.

    I am not a fan of any ideology that starts off with “us against them”, whether it is the neo-con variety or monotheistic religious variety. I oppose those who operate on that sort of intolerant ideology. But my opposition does not extend to innocent bystanders.

    That being said, I do not make a fetish of tolerance also. I will not tolerate the narrow-minded intolerance of the sort embedded in monotheistic faiths. I take pride in the fact that Hinduism admits that there are alternative ways of apprehending the universe. But if Hinduism tolerates injustice and intolerance, I am firmly opposed to that as well. I don’t believe that tolerating injustice is intrinsic to Hinduism. Perhaps it is a lack of backbone among Hindus that explains why we roll over every time someone threatens us. Gandhi, I think, rightly concluded that Hindus are cowards. I think it is a shame that sometimes that cowardice is passed off as tolerance. It is high time that Indians, especially Hindus, understood the message of Swami Vivekananda and developed a backbone.



  5. the problem is not the people- the problem is that india has no visionary leadership…….lacking that the people meander in sheeplike formations…..the chinese are not that smart- it is strong leadership that takes them on their victorious path onwards.


  6. Atanu,

    Your otherwise well considered views seem discordant when talking about GWB. You seem mildly afflicted with the so-called Bush Derangement Syndrome, first diagonised by Dr. Charles Krauthammer, of otherwise normal people suddenly losing it when anybody mentions good things about Dubya.

    Like it or not, we ‘re watching a great historical process unfold at record speed, with relatively minimal bloodletting.

    To call Bush names is the easy way out. One man is singlehandedly involved in changing the direction of the entrenched, leviathan US bureucracy to align with his policies. Gone are the days of freely mollycoddling dictators. Gone are the unholy alliances with tyrants in the name of ‘stability’. For once, the ideals of widespread freedom and democracy are well aligned with longterm US interests. All the naysayers, the doubters, the nitpickers, the euroweenies, the media dhimmis, the bleeding hearts (who miraculously never see Saddam’s mass graves or the ongoing rampage in Darfur) have been proven wrong time and again – against communism in the 80s and hopefully against islamo-fascism in this decade.

    Instead of seeing and appreciating a good thing when it happens, of lauding a man who risked his presidency on a the boldest gamble by any US president since FDR, all you intellectual types can do is spray silly terms like ‘stupidity’ and ‘disgusting’.

    Chill out, man. Relax and reconsider.


  7. Was GWB risking Presidency to spread Democracies around the world? I , for one, do not think so. GWB and Associates are surely taking America to one extreme that is not good for America or the world. Iraq, despite all of Saddam’s faults in no way deserved to be attacked – if you agreed with it, the I belive you will be agreeable with more wars America will fight (if they can afford- that, fortunately, is the limitation!) all over the world to change the regimes to suit their tastes (and interests)!

    I have absolutely no doubts that GWB (or any American Administration) has any interest in spreading democracy anywhere – till the ruleres in those countries listen to them — that is the acid test! Can’t you see that they have no problem in dealing with Musharraf, Saudi royals, et al.


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