Born Under a Wandering Star

As the song goes, I was born under a wanderin’ star. Lately my wandering has been confined to attending ICT for development shindigs around the country. But it gets mighty tiring. So I thought that it is about time to go see the world at large and renew my credentials as a truly homeless person. I suppose I am a gypsy at heart, a gypsy from a strange and distant land traveling on eternity road in search of … well, one can never be sure, can one?

This time I will be going round the world and plan to stop in Helsinki, Paris, London, Boston, New York, Washington, Atlanta, San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley, San Jose, Saratoga, etc), and Seoul. I start mid-July and return to Mumbai around August 20th. The best part of my trip will be being back in California where I spent the best 20 years of my life so far, and being back in Berkeley would be the sweetest thing of all. As much as any place can be home to a homeless person, Berkeley is home to me.

I was born under a wanderin’ star
Home is made for coming from
Dreams for going to
Which with any luck
Will never come true…
Wheels are made for rolling
Mules are made to pack
I never seen a sight
That didn’t look better looking back …
Might can make you prisoner
The plains can bake you dry
Snow can burn your eyes
But only people make you cry …

That song is from an old western called Paint Your Wagon. There are three simple truths embedded in the quoted lines above. The first is about dreams coming true. See this quote about ideas and ideals for an elaboration of the notion that if you are lucky, your dreams will not come true. The second truth is that things always look better in retrospect. Time lends perspective. And finally, of all wounds, that caused by people hurt the most.

I think this one is fast running out of rhyme or reason, and I am getting all sentimental. So I should stop.

Author: Atanu Dey


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