Nani Palkhivala’s Vision for India

This weblog is about India’s development as seen from my personal viewpoint. Like many others, I too have a vision for India although it is not as well known as the famous Vision 2020. Among all the visions that I have had the privilege to see, Nani Palkhivala’s has resonated the most with what my vision is.

I had found it on the usenet some years ago. Unfortunately, now I cannot trace exactly when it was that Nani delivered this address to the Australian College of Defence and Strategic Studies. Most likely it from around 1999. I include it here, for the record.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “Nani Palkhivala’s Vision for India”

  1. I suppose the old fool would agree with Ayub khans model of limited franchise or Sanjay Gandhis model of “baat kum, Kaam jyada”.

    These ppl failed to do anthing worthwhile for India when they were in power, happy to be called “respected jurists” and “respected whatevers”, happy to spout “visions”. Lazy Gasbags all..

    What vision has palkhiwala put forth in his speech/article whatever ? Its seems devoid of anything except carping abt this that and the other. Its just a rehash of what he said at the IITB convocation in 1996/97 (I think this is pretty much what the senile fool says anywhere), and where do you find space to agree with him in his vision ? (WHAT vision?) that India should abolish universal adult franchise ? how abt taking the logic further and raising the bar higher.. If someone who does not know how to read and write is incapable of taking an informed decision abt his life, those decisions need to be entrusted to someone better educated. Presumably someone with a masters has a better handle on reality and a better judgement capability than someone with merely a diploma. So may be we shud have universal masters franchise.. or even better, may be all shud bow down to u, the graduate frm IITB, and stan (?) or MIT. Lets have Atanu Adult franchise. ass.


  2. Sudeep,

    I would agree with you in pointing out the flaws in this article by Palkhivala. However, where he faulters is not in saying that adult franchise is wrong, rather he faulters by not giving an alternative and any discussion as to what could replace it. For such a wordy article, I would have thought he would elaborate on his central theme a little more.

    Having said that, i think this is an extract from a speech, so it is understandable that there is not much depth to it.

    I also think it is not folly to ‘harp’ on the ills and mistakes of the past. Taking stock and understanding mistakes is the first step of irradicating them.

    The challenge is to make the current day population aware of the mistakes that have been committed and how Nehru’s Socialism has failed the Indian state.


  3. Sudeep
    Try not to suffer the increasingly common Indian trait of trashing Ideas that don’t confirm to your way of thinking.What Palkhivala has here is his understanding of what went wrong with our democracy. It may be right or may be wrong but none the less its an Idea which needs to be discussed and if faulted, then with contrary evidence. Brainless jingoism and character assasinations won’t get u anywhere. If you can, lets have your grey cells actuallly working to create an intellectual opposition rather than some crude name calling.


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