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The newsletter from US-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) contained this:

We need support and financial contribution from at least 50,000 Indian Americans by March 2004 to persuade the US government to support India in its fight against HIV/AIDS. The US government has already funded 14 nations in curbing the HIV/AIDS menace. With your support, India can become the 15th country to receive the much-needed US funds for fighting the epidemic.

Begging bowl all shiny and ready, I suppose. What the heck is wrong with these people? Do they have no shame? Begging for their living? Because I don’t doubt that they fly first class from one end of the country to the other shiny begging bowl in hand.

It is said that there are beggar lords in Mumbai. They send out children to beg on the streets and the beggar lords take the collections at the end of the day. They make a fine living.

So I guess that those who are parading the horrendous HIV/AIDS numbers around looking for a handout are similarly benefiting from the charity they expect to get.

India is a large country. India, if Indians have any shame, should and must do what is required for fighting its own battles. Whether it is fighting AIDS or Pakistan, it should not expect — indeed, refuse to take — any help from the US. Asking for aid from the US is the most ignominious idiotic move made by any organization.

I am truly ashamed that Indian public policy has failed to address public health issues. But I am horrified that USINPAC is begging for money on India’s behalf.

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  1. If we do our best and thereafter are forced to beg anyway, it is ok maybe. Because then we will be bearing in mind our work to be done, and afford to do away with shame or shamelessness in begging, borrowing or stealing…But we as a nation, as a people always take the easy way out; and what is better-suited to laziness but the profession of begging fine-tuned into an art itself?


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