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Here are two interesting items. The first is from Burkhard Schipper, an economist at the University of Bonn. He created a game where you play as a firm against other firms and find out how you did against the computer and how you stand relative to other players. It takes about 5 minutes.

Talking of internet games, I came across something that is really spooky. I cannot figure this one out. I am pretty clever but that one has me totally puzzled.

5 thoughts on “Interesting Games

  1. Atanu,

    It’s easy, man.

    {Set of Cards Displayed for your selection} intersection
    {set of cards displayed after your selection} = {}

    See, the cards they display after the selection does not match any of the cards displayed before selection. It’s a neat trick, though. It had me puzzled for a few moments, then I selected not one but two cards and I found both the cards were removed. Then, I thought ahaa.


  2. tsquared, a colleague of mine also let me in on this trick. I must say that it was pretty darned neat. I like to be fooled from time to time. Keeps me humble 🙂


  3. i didnt understand a bit. but scored 61/74 352/416. our rankings are dependent on how many dumb(no pun intended)people play this game.percentile ranking has its own disadvantages.


  4. Hey Atanu,
    You have written so many intelligent stuffs on this site but u got puzzled by this trick named ESP or whatever. Its so simple none of the 6 cards shown on first screen (the selection screen) are present in second screen when he says I have removed your card, obviously it has removed all the cards so selected one also is removed.


  5. Atanu,

    Is the key to the ‘phi’ game sticking to a pattern around 35-45 which is the high profit pattern?
    The other one was pretty easy the second set is exclusive of the first

    Enjoyed playing the first one though!



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