India: A Case of Bad Governance

In today's Business Standard, Pranab Bardhan in his article "India -- A case of bad governance", makes a number of very important points. The article is very instructive. Unlike many hagiographic accounts of India, it honestly states that India suffers from misgovernance -- and what is more, baldly places the responsibility where it belongs in … Continue reading India: A Case of Bad Governance

A Digression on Corruption in Six Acts

ACT 1: A Course on Development This summer for teaching an undergraduate course on economic development (Econ171) at Berkeley, I naturally considered the major factors that affect -- and effect -- economic growth and development of an economy. The major headings included growth models, energy, infrastructure, urbanization, education, agriculture, and one other topic which I … Continue reading A Digression on Corruption in Six Acts

Congress, Nepotism and Corruption

Congress, Nepotism and Corruption: The Eternal Rotten Braid The three -- corruption, nepotism and the Congress party -- form India's most enduring triumvirate. It is hard to think of one without thinking of the others because they characterize India's politics and political landscape like nothing else conceivably can. The Congress party is the fiefdom of … Continue reading Congress, Nepotism and Corruption