Whoever Fights Monsters — Revisited

My blog post of Jan 26th (Whoever Fights Monsters ...) was republished by The Quint and subsequently ended up on Yahoo also. At the Yahoo site, a few hundred comments (and replies to comments) were posted. Most of the comments were critical of my opinion, and many simply declared that I was a paid Congress … Continue reading Whoever Fights Monsters — Revisited

Democracy is Bloodier than Monarchy or Aristocracy

John Adams (1735 -1826) was an American Founding Father, and the second president of the United States (1797 -1801). Read the wiki page on Adams. One marvels at all the natural wealth that the US has -- immense land area, minerals, rivers, forests. You name it, the US has it all. But all that natural … Continue reading Democracy is Bloodier than Monarchy or Aristocracy

Whoever Fights Monsters …

I was one of Narendra Modi’s biggest fans. I supported his candidature as the prime minister of India years before he became the phenomenon during the 2014 general elections in India. I can honestly claim that to the extent that I could I even worked indirectly for the Modi campaign. Sadly, I am no longer … Continue reading Whoever Fights Monsters …

What Social Classes Owe to Each Other

It would be wonderful if our schools exposed students to those great ideas that are the foundation upon which our modern civilization is built. These ideas are primarily from the social sciences. Social sciences, such as economics, explore and explain how society functions, and the pathology of failed societies. Among great ideas, I think the … Continue reading What Social Classes Owe to Each Other