Politics by Principle, not Interest

Politics by Principle, not Interest
Politics by Principle, not Interest

From the description of the book “Politics by Principle, not Interest” (1998) by James Buchanan and Roger Congleton.

“The very logic of majority rule implies unequal treatment or discrimination. If left unconstrained, majority coalitions will promote the interests of their own members at the expense of other persons. This book focuses on the effects of applying a generality constraint on the political process. Under this requirement, majorities would be constitutionally prohibited from treating different persons and groups differently. The generality principle is familiar in that all persons are to be treated equally. In summary, this book extends the generality norm to politics. Continue reading “Politics by Principle, not Interest”

The Preamble to Iceland’s New Constitution

The most important thing for the constitution of any civilized society is the guarantee that it provides that all people are treated equally and without discrimination by the government. The other bits follow logically from that principle.

And the back story to that is here. (I don’t like the video style of getting multiple people to say bits of a sentence — it’s tiresome and distracting.)

America’s Moment of Truth

We’ll know on Nov 8th which fork in the road ahead the US takes. Since I value freedom, I cannot ever support either of the major parties but I hope that Clinton does not win. But it looks like she will. Anyway, here’s my favorite commentator, Pat Condell, on what’s in store for the US.

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