Indira Gandhi and Her Kitchen Helpers

We know that Pratibha Patil was given the job of playing president of India in recognition of her service as a cook in Indira Gandhi’s kitchen. That’s one of the more glaring examples of being a servant in the Nehru-Gandhi household — and now the Gandhi-Maino household — is a necessary qualification for high office in any Congress-controlled government. If one cannot demonstrate loyalty to the Gandhi-Maino clan by debasing himself or herself, one cannot have or even hold on to one’s position. Competency in the job is not a requirement.

This sorry farce started decades ago under Indira but only recently is the general public becoming aware of it. When it started, the government controlled the media. It still controls the main stream media but thanks to the internet, the alternative media (the so-called social media) is uncontrollable because it is decentralized, distributed, immense and presents almost zero barrier to entry. Anyone, yours truly included, can help open the cupboards & reveal the skeletons. The Congress cupboards are full of them.

Here’s an exclusive item from the Economist that was published by The Vancouver Sun in Nov 1980.
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Is Endogenous Change Possible?

In a post last month in which I asked when will we be able to distinguish treachery from fidelity, I wrote —

There is something deeply depressing about a nation that does not recognize merit, that is unable to distinguish between loyalty and treachery. We have a long way to go before we become a modern civilized nation.

To which a friend emailed me saying, “You hit it. We’re not a modern civilized nation. Not only do I think we are not modern and civilized but I think those qualities are declining. The Indian state is made up of the same people that constitute Indian society. Ergo, how is endogenous change possible?” I wrote back in reply and here’s my response, for the record.
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The Heap of Prettied-up Scrap known as the Aircraft Carrier Admiral Gorshkov

Aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov
Aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov

It just keeps getting better. The refitted Admiral Gorskhov — which is being reincarnated as INS Vikramaditya — will be delivered sometime soon but will not have anti-missile defense for a few more years. What does that make it? A heap of prettied-up scrap best used as a sitting duck for random target practice.

Is this a joke? Actually, it was launched on April 1st, 1982. Perhaps it is an April fool’s joke, although a very costly one for a desperately poor third world country (DPTWC). Here’s what I wrote over four years ago in April 2009 in a post titled “The War and the Circus.”

See the excerpt below the fold.
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