Manufacturing Discontent

It’s an easily verifiable unpalatable fact that there are oppressed and oppressors in our world. That we should help those oppressed is both a moral obligation and a practical necessity because it has enormous implications for social welfare. But manufacturing discontent out of thin air is neither morally right or practically useful. It is more than just wrong-headed: it harms precisely those who are the least able to bear any more injustices. Yet, there’s an industry solely dedicated to manufacturing discontent against the very instruments and institutions which hold the promise of alleviating material human suffering.
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“Sorry, but it’s not my fault”

I have neglected my blog for weeks, even months. A couple of people — which just about covers the entire readership of this blog — noticed and even wrote to me asking after my health. I wish to apologize to the two of you and say, “Sorry, but it’s not my fault.” You may find it somewhat incredible but allow me to explain.
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Traveling in these Politically Correct Times

I am, generally speaking, quite sanguine about the long-term prospects of the world. I believe with good reason that the trends are positive, and I entirely dismiss the chicken littles that claim that the sky is falling. But my optimism tends to disappear when I have to travel. For all intents and purposes, it appears to me that the world is going to hell in a hand basket whenever I am forced to be a customer of the US air transportation system, like I was in the last few weeks when I went first to Mexico and then to the East coast. Most people in the US are unfortunately quite familiar with the unwelcome attention of the “Homeland Security” apparatus. It appears to be a farce but I fear that it will end up as a tragedy because the people have abdicated their basic civic responsibility of being watchful of their government. Therein lies a lesson which I will come to presently.
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