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[Under construction. Created: 5th Feb, 2009. Estimated first release: 19 Feb, 2009. I will announce the release on the blog. 🙂 ]

This blog is about India’s development. More specifically, it is a personal view of economic growth and development. Which necessarily means that it is a subjective view, and all claims to being objective is explicitly denied, rejected, null and void. What I write reflects how I perceive the world. Your mileage may vary, as the disclaimer goes.

This blog can also be considered to be a learning tool. No, it is not for the edification of others (though it could be a desirable side-effect) but for my own benefit. I write this blog to better understand what I know. Knowing something is different from understanding it.

One of my core beliefs is that it is important to make distinctions and to discriminate between concepts. Language helps us do that. Which is why I think that one has to take care to be as precise as one can be while writing. The prerequisite to writing well is thinking well. Thinking well is hard to do but not impossible. It, however, requires a will to do so. And if one has the will, given sufficient time, effort and patience, anyone can learn how to think better.

Thinking well has instrumental functions but it also has terminal values: there is a certain psychic satisfaction — even joy — that arises from being able to have a cognitive grasp of the universe. Regardless of whether one materially gains from it, just being able to think must rank as one of the greatest gifts that the universe has conspired to allow us mere mortals. We humans are the universe’s way of comprehending itself. As the Sanskrit saying goes, “tat tvam asi.” I am That. There is no essential difference between me and the rest of creation.

Now on to some specifics.

16 thoughts on “Read this first”

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. You have covered many relevant and pertinent topics.
    I have been observing the development sector for some years now. It has such a ‘we’ and a ‘them’ attitude. Of course, there are some NGO’s who have done commendable work and we have some very committed persons working in the field. I am no economist, so I am hesitant to comment on the economic policies aspect, but I believe the reason India remains undeveloped ( I must use that term, however uncomfotable most of us might be with it) is because of its education system. There are definitely two India’s where education is concerned. I have been to schools where there is a single teacher for over 200 registered students. What teaching goes on there is for you to imagine.
    I like the fact that you do not operate within boundaries, you have found your vocation …may you make a great difference.


  2. Its a great blog looking at various aspects of india.I want to thank Atanu Dey for providing us a place where a lot can be learned about our country,the realities and ways to develop it.


  3. Hello. Do you ever think about how people get around (and get stuff around) in their daily lives in India? If so, may I invite you to have a look at and if it tempts you at all perhaps we can talk. Warm Regards, Eric Britton (not quite an economist, PhD program Columbia in development economics wth Albert Hirschman)


  4. Great blog. Hard hitting and true. Just saying that makes me a fundamentalist I suppose. Well so be it. I am tired of intellectually lazy people who will not engage you on the issues but use ad hominem attacks to avoid a dialog.


  5. Dear Atanu,

    Your blog throws light on India’s development in a simple and effective way.It’s been a learning tool for me.I read your blog as one of my routine activities.keep it up.



  6. Dear Atanu,

    Your blog is really interesting. You should be having a lot of passion for bringing a change in India, you seem to understand the situation in india very well. I also have a passion for better India, I am not an expert who know different things and at the same time I am not a good writer. Like me there are so many people who are passionate with energy, but dont know what they can do. Why dont you think and post something about what these people can do to bring a change. Today we are understanding the real India, so some of us should come forward to bring a change



  7. India can develop only if all people are united. I truly believe you are doing a great job through this blog and I hope people from all over India no matter how far the distance unite for this common cause.

    – I am True Indian at heart

    Deepak Sharma


  8. it is a personal view of economic growth and development. Which necessarily means that it is a subjective view, and all claims to being objective is explicitly denied, rejected, null and void. What I write reflects how I perceive the world.

    If I had a dime for every commentator on this blog who does not understand this basic disclaimer…


  9. Went through your posts “A Day of Bramha” & “Vedas and the Speed of Light”. The pleasant thing is you have got your brains in the right place. But I request you; Please do not throw the baby with the bath water. The below link is to my blog.
    I bloked the “Comments” in my blog, but you have my e-mail address. Please send your opinions. As for the book, The Holy Science. I think it’s priced around 55 Indian Rupees. Please read the introduction. Sri Yukteswar certainly deserves some attention.

    Mr.Twit’s posts are very interesting.


  10. Hi Atanu,

    You have nice blogs. I came to this link through your comments on SSRS. I have nothing against / for him, and kind of agree with you on his being mere useful.

    But I am interested in knowing more about your traveling across India. Did you see any movement / organization that is doing grass-root level work with positive effects in India? I would like to get involved in some way.


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