China and the US

Douglas Murray is arguably one of the sharpest observers of the contemporary world. He’s a worthy successor to the late Christopher Hitchens (whom he knew very well.) Every piece that flows out of his pen is brilliant. He is a prolific writer and commentator. He wrote his first book at the tender age of 18; … Continue reading “China and the US”

The Catholic Church is Force for Good in the World

I love a good debate, and naturally so because I am the argumentative kind. Most of all, I like debates centered around religion.. The line dividing the opposing sides is sharp, and the positions irreconcilable. I delight in the skewering that monotheism takes in them. A superb example of that is the intelligence2 debate in … Continue reading “The Catholic Church is Force for Good in the World”

No True Islamic State

I listen to public radio quite regularly for some excellent programs such as Fresh Air, This American Life from WBEZ Chicago, the Commonwealth Club of California, and many many more. I love public radio but as I am not a news junkie, I avoid news programs. However, at the top of the hour, many programs … Continue reading “No True Islamic State”

List of Pages on Teresa the Merciless

Here’s a list of pages that deal with the “Mother” Teresa. These pages don’t show up in the category “Mother Teresa” — hence this post. Teresa: Ghoul of Calcutta by Hitchens. Sunanda Datta-Ray: “Driven by Self-interest”. Shields: “Teresa’s House of Illusions” Kanchan Gupta: “A State Funeral?” Wuellenweber: “Mother Teresa: Where are her millions”? Hitchen’s Interview: … Continue reading “List of Pages on Teresa the Merciless”

Open Thread: Say what you will

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, comrades and friends. (Hitchens favored that greeting at many public events.) Sorry for the relative silence around here. Things are in a mess. But there’s hope. Anyway, do leave a comment with your thoughts. I just want to point out a 2008 blog post, “Blaming the Victim“. Comments are … Continue reading “Open Thread: Say what you will”

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Shri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as the “mahatma,” was born on this day October 2nd in 1869. Popular opinion associates Gandhi with non-violence. I differ. I believe that poverty engenders more violence against innocent humans than any other single cause or condition. Perhaps he genuinely was against violence but what Gandhi achieved resulted in … Continue reading “Happy Gandhi Jayanti”