Now for Some Good News

Shri Narendrabhai Modi
Shri Narendrabhai Modi
Since I focus a lot on the mis-governance of India by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and its hangers-on, the matters discussed here are generally depressing. It’s time to contrast that with the successes of Gujarat under Narendrabhai Modi. Continue reading “Now for Some Good News”

Narendra Modi for PM — NOW!

The more I hear of what Narendrabhai is doing in Gujarat, the more I believe that India needs him as the PM. The man has a backbone unlike the spineless bozo who shall remain unnamed here. The man has a brain. And the man knows what is economic development means and how to make it happen. The spineless bozo will not know development even if development came up and bit him on his behind.

If India cannot have Lee Kuan Yew, it is not a problem because India has Narendra Modi. That is not quite true — Gujarat has Modi, not India.

Here’s a piece on Modi. Go read it and admire the man. (Link thanks to Prashant Kothari.)