Friday the 13th, Pi Day the 14th & Beware the Ides of March

But first, if you are superstitious then be wary since it is Friday the 13th. If you know anything about numbers, and you live in the US, then you can be irrational on Saturday which is Pi Day. This pi day stuff works only in the US convention of writing mm/dd/yy for dates. But whatever … Continue reading “Friday the 13th, Pi Day the 14th & Beware the Ides of March”

Billionaires are Different — Part 3

James Buchanan proposed a simple test to distinguish economists from non-economists. It was that economists would not agree with the old adage that “whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well.” If you’re confused by that, you aren’t an economist. Economists know that everything has costs and benefits. Not just this or that thing but … Continue reading “Billionaires are Different — Part 3”

IIT-Inspire, Invovle, and Transform — 2

[Continued from Part 1 of this series.] Made Up Stuff Naturally, I was not part of the organizing committee and so I can’t know how they chose the keynote speakers of Dec 23rd at the Pan IIT 2006 meet. Therefore, I give in to wild conjecture. Consider this a sort of “reverse process engineering.” “We … Continue reading “IIT-Inspire, Invovle, and Transform — 2”