NITI — New Initiatives for Transforming India

So the new game in town is called “NITI Ayog” — National Institution for Transforming India — and the news is that Prof Arvind Panagariya will be appointed as the vice-chairman of the institution, as the Hindustan Times reports. That “Niti” bit may sound familiar to some who have been following this blog. If you … Continue reading “NITI — New Initiatives for Transforming India”

NITI – New Initiatives for Transforming India Launches!!

The Sanskrit word “niti” connotes politics, governance, economics and a whole bunch of other things. As in the case of all abstract nouns, it is hard to precisely translate into other languages. Anyway, today we launch a new initiative for transforming India —!! My use of the double exclamation marks — I am usually … Continue reading “NITI – New Initiatives for Transforming India Launches!!”

Transforming India

This page is a place holder while the website is under construction. Meanwhile, welcome to my blog. Click here or on the header “Atanu Dey on India’s Development” to browse. I would appreciate feedback. Please leave a comment. Here’s a book I wrote in 2011. Click on the image below to visit the book … Continue reading “Transforming India”

Whoever Fights Monsters …

I was one of Narendra Modi’s biggest fans. I supported his candidature as the prime minister of India years before he became the phenomenon during the 2014 general elections in India. I can honestly claim that to the extent that I could I even worked indirectly for the Modi campaign. Sadly, I am no longer … Continue reading “Whoever Fights Monsters …”

Webinar on “The Path to Prosperity” Today

Today, Saturday 20th October, Rajesh Jain and I will be hosting a webinar titled “How to Walk the Path to Prosperity”. It starts at 8:30 PM India time (8 AM Pacific, 11 AM Eastern.) Register here for the event. To join the webinar, click on this zoom link at 8:30 PM India time (8 AM … Continue reading “Webinar on “The Path to Prosperity” Today”

Modi Needs You to Transform India

Here we go again. Now that India’s 2019 general elections are just a few months away, Mr Modi wants you to help him “transform India.” Here’s an opportunity for India’s best brains to work for PM Modi’s campaign in 2019.  Take a sabbatical from your current job and work with Nation with NaMo till May … Continue reading “Modi Needs You to Transform India”