AMA – Extreme Stupidity is not Natural

I don’t believe that extreme stupidity is natural.

We are cognitively endowed by nature to, say, learn our mother tongue without instructions but reading and writing are unnatural because it is a learned skill. So also it is natural to be about average in intelligence (and therefore about average in stupidity) but extreme, off the chart stupidity is not natural. It has to be learned. I am guessing that one has to be immersed in some pernicious ideology to achieve a level of gross stupidity the mere observation of which makes your head hurt.

With this lead in, I am giving you fair warning that the YouTube video below may damage your mental health. So here goes.  

Well, so there you are.

This is your opportunity to ask me anything. Go for it.


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6 replies

  1. I have watched a lot of rubbish on youtube but this is really a different level.


  2. I could not stop laughing hearing this extremely stupid argument made by the guest.


  3. There seems to be no end in sight for the leftist ideology and agenda.


  4. Sir, the Austrian School, to which you claim you belong to, regards fractional deposit banking system as fraud on people.
    Do you hold the same view?


  5. This can only “naturally” happen on Fox!


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