Celebrating 2,000,000 Visits to this Blog!!

The sitemeter counter on this blog (see right hand side column) is creeping up to the 2 million number. Right now at 8:15 PM IST it is this:


I hope to catch it at exactly 2,000,000 in a few minutes. I will update this post as soon as that happens — and if I can screen-capture it. I am busy-waiting on the event.

At 8:21 PM IST:


At 8:28 PM IST:


At 8:31 PM IST — nail biting suspense time:


At 8:38 PM IST — almost there:




OK, enough of self-indulgent behavior. Now back to work. It is all karma, neh?

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “Celebrating 2,000,000 Visits to this Blog!!”

  1. The [real emphasis] _BJP_ peoples’ blogs are such. {Of course the RSS are included.}

    Have been. In the mean the blogs. … Their _blogs_ [?] _are_ [as (?)] such.

    They have [and have _always_ been having] money. And, jobs. And, PhDs. And, visa sponsorships. In, and from, the “States.” Also, Israel. And, “Western” countries. [I could live with or without all of them, to the extent, I thought as a young child, I could—and I _still_ do].

    They just find the ways and the means to do so. To mint the abovementioned “things”. [Look around, for the evidence, _wherever_ __you__ _are_.]

    … And, so, now, these blog hits follow(s) [(?)].

    In both the U.S. [you know,] of A.—rather like [as I _first_ said [it(?)] on my blog] the United Stupids of …. whatever, you know…

    …And, also, among[st(?)] [as you said it] the Retards of India.

    Which, they, directly translate as evidence of, you know, _what_ever… I mean, as some kind of [an(?)] indication of some merit or _some_ _good_ thing, or whatever…

    … Anyway, you, happy? Me, happy…. Let’s leave it at that, would you?… For a moment[?]…


    [My expression, and English, is [are?] _both_ poor. … But, you know, as they say, “nevertheless”…]
    [Sorry, if this looks like a work of modern poetry. It emphatically was not an [the?] intention, whether at the hands of a Muslim or not, and whether implicitly or explicitly directed against a Saraswati or not. … More, as they say, later… ]


  2. Some [?](unintentional)[?] grammatical mistakes, still crept in. In my last comment.

    [BTW, never erver believed in the real spiritual (let alone actual) integrity of Disqus.]

    It (I mean my error) concerns the very second paragraph (in my last comment). I meant: I mean. Like (and no reference is made to the stupids in the stupid LA area girlstalk): instead of “In the mean the blogs,” “I mean the blogs”

    The rest, you can read. Hopefully. You have, as they say in your country, a POV. (No, I mean, they actually, do. [LOL!])

    –Jobless [, as an “accident,” and also, _guarunteed_ never to get a job in a Hindu government] [and, also, a non-Gujju, a non-Jain, etc., a non-Brahmin, etc., let alone, also, a non-Konkanasthanan-Brahanminnnn (remember all your “Gurujis”?)—and, also, _never_ a BJP/RSS guy] Ajit


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