On the Global Influence of Hindutva & the Long Hand of the RSS

Mr Digvijaya Singh, the general secretary of the Congress Party, sees conspiracy everywhere. What’s more, as he puts it, “the RSS hand cannot be ruled out.” I too have started noticing how big RSS’s hands are. Remember that kid in the movie The Sixth Sense, how he whispered, “I see dead people”? I can imagine Mr Digvijaya Singh saying in a whisper, “I see the RSS hand.” Here are two instances where I see the RSS hand.
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Subramanian Swamy — excerpts from a March 5th interview

I admire Dr Subramanian Swamy immensely. He is among a handful of people who have the guts, the intelligence, the commitment, the dedication and the stamina to fix what’s broken in India. I agree with him on all the substantive issues and where I do disagree, I am sure that there’s room for reasonable people to disagree on. I came across an interview of his on Hans India. Below some excerpts from it, for the record. (Image stolen from Hans India.)
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Stealing is a Bad Thing — Part 8

Things change. That’s the nature of the universe we live in. There’s little we can do about that, and the change is not always to our liking. Still, we are better off with change. Had it been an unchanging world, we would not have been here. We are complex creatures and it takes time for complexity to arise from simpler beginnings. Change and with it increasing complexity has been around since the beginning of the universe some 13.7 billion years ago. By now you would expect that we would have worked out the implications of this and become fully prepared to deal with it. Sometimes in our blindness to them, we fall into traps of our own creation.
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