Manmohan Singh is a Seriously Despicably Dishonest Spineless Toady Who Will Pay for his Crimes Against India

Madhu Kishwar writing in says, “I fail to understand why almost every commentator, every TV anchor, every editorial writer feels compelled to pay ritual obeisance to the “personal honesty and integrity” of Dr Manmohan Singh.” I note that Madhu qualifies the statement with “almost every.” As a blogger, I have been insisting that the appointed prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh is despicably dishonest man, and that he will be remembered for his venality. That he is getting a free pass right now can only be because Indians are not the most clued in people in the world and it takes a few generations for the truth to dawn on the country. But eventually, as the Indian motto goes, satyam eva jayate.

Alright, let’s quote Kishwar:

People attribute his pliability to the fact that the prime minister was appointed and not elected. He has never won a Lok Sabha election. But that cannot be used as an excuse to justify overlooking such gross mismanagement and loot as well as the political drift one witnesses even in areas involving national security.

In fact, his defeat in the one and only election he ever fought is related to his lack of personal integrity. He was defeated in the predominantly middle-class South Delhi constituency because people in general and Sikhs in particular were enraged when Manmohan Singh denied the role of the Congress in the 1984 anti Sikh carnage and instead attributed the 1984 massacre to the RSS. The RSS may well be guilty of many other communal riots but the ” credit” for the 1984 massacre goes entirely to Congress politicians, including Rajiv Gandhi who even justified the killings saying: “when a big tree falls, the earth is bound to shake.” The Congress Party also ensured that those who masterminded and executed the 1984 pogrom did not get punished.

Manmohan Singh is a crook par excellence. The perfect criminal is one who commits a crime that is not even known to have occurred. Manmohan Singh is a great criminal since he is not even a suspect in the on-going crimes against India.

A PM who compromises national interest, as in Kashmir, just to indulge the personal fancy of the PM in waiting, a PM who looks the other way while his Cabinet colleagues brazenly loot public funds and get away with extorting thousands of crores by way of kickbacks, a PM who is widely perceived and lampooned as a “rubber stamp” does not merit being called “an honest man” or a “man of integrity” because integrity in his job demands putting national interest above partisan politics and personal loyalties. Integrity also involves taking full responsibility for all his acts of commission and omission which have earned UPA II the dubious distinction of being publicly named as the most corrupt and rudderless government in post independence India

Wake up, India, and realize that Manmohan Singh is a criminal who is helping the other criminals (his bosses) loot India.

[Hat tip: Raja Sekhar Malapati for the link to the Kishwar article.]

Author: Atanu Dey


32 thoughts on “Manmohan Singh is a Seriously Despicably Dishonest Spineless Toady Who Will Pay for his Crimes Against India”

  1. Wow, I had no idea that MMS had the nerve to put the blame of 1984 on RSS!!! It is truly astonishing…..

    To tell you the truth, when I read Atanu’s post about MMS being dishonest I thought that he is using a bit of hyperbole to make his point. But when one finds out that he has lied about Sikh riots publicly then one has no choice but to accept the moral deficiency.
    BTW, Madhu Kishwar is one of the most reasoned, intelligent and lucid voices in Indian journalism.
    She was the first one to criticize the anti-politician stance of the Anna Hazare movement, when some folks had started attacking (physically) the politician who were arriving at the scene of Anna’s fast.


  2. Plz do not forget he is the same man who saved India in the early 90s when our country was on the verge of bankruptcy. He was first to propose the LPG model and hence today we have several foreign investments and jobs for us in our country.He is the one to be credited for implanting the seeds of development in our country. His contribution in the planning commission under Rajiv Gandhi is also commendable for his strategic investment plan and development of Rural India.He is a gem which India has had.
    He is a gentleman caught at the wrong place in the “not so good” time.


    1. Anubhav,

      I don’t suppose you read the blog post. But if you did read it and could not comprehend the bit where it says that MMS was not in any way instrumental in India’s liberalization, you have a problem with comprehension and I cannot help you with that.

      So it is easy to trash your support of MMS since you can barely comprehend a simple statement, leave alone comprehend the connection between the venality of MMS and the crimes he supervises.


  3. How exactly will he pay for his crimes and who will make him do it?
    Let’s face it – the bugger is old enough to jump off the wagon in a few years – he doesn’t care for any election because obviously he never got elected so far. He must have a decent pot of money to leave aside for his grandchildren and best of all he’s got an assured cremation at Yamuna or burial if Sikhs bury their dead and their ghouls – so if that is what you meant by him paying for his crimes, then I think that is great payment isn’t it?

    Lets look at a few Cong toadies/chamchas and criminal murderers who died in the past:

    HKL Bhagat – he didn’t pay did he?
    Indira Gandhi – well she lived a long life, looted the country, foistered her idiot savant son on the throne and she did get mauled – but that is small change for the crimes she did – so no punishment their either.
    Rajeev Gandhi – hardly punishment for living the crooked way he lived and he got a decent cremation – so he didn’t pay either
    Arjun Singh – no he totally enjoyed himself…

    So in short, it pays to be despicably dishonest in India – you get a decent burial near the Yamuna, you get a stadium or two named after you, you get plenty of yojanas named after you and your spawn get to rule the blighted land…


  4. Let us never ever forget that FakeS was also a top econ adviser incl CEA of the worst econ regime we ever had – India Gandhi’s in 70’s. Thus, he was an active participant in / facilitator of the economic deforms / ruins of that period, from which we still have not been fully detoxified! He was RBI governor when PSU banks were looted in the name of Rajiv Loan Melas and he – the supposed custodians of Indian banking – remained quiet / mute spectator (like he has been to every scam, loot n scandal in a long Sarkari career) n there was not even any excuse of coalition compulsion as RBI governor!


  5. Atanu, I guess its not an issue of comprehension if we read Anubhav’s statement, half of india’s educated middle class ppl feel that Manmohan singh was the saviour of indian economy and no one even remembers Mr.Rao unless someone has been reading all the articles in your blog. I am doing my bit to share the content with my friends how chu**** is MMS. The media is completely impressed by MMS (ofcourse paid propaganda. Past is past,what scares me is the future. Our little prince Raul says that we cannot stop 100% of the terrorist attacks. He is telling us that please don’t believe in the govt to protect you (they are safe 100% of the time) Mera Bharat Mahaan


  6. I think this whole article is a piece of trash. The author seems to have some personal vengeance against MMS.

    There is no denying that our country deserves a better leader at the top and there is no dearth of the likes of Obama & Bush type personality in our very own land. But unfortunately none of them even dreams to join politics.

    I still feel MMS is the best option given the current lot of options available to us. If you think BJP-NDA, Third Front can give us a stable & corrupt free government then my friend look at the past records. The other governments even fail to last for 5 years and that puts a bigger amount of loss to our treasury.

    The issue is not with MMS but in the roots of our society. Dear author given a chance i am sure you will yourself also not miss a chance to stash black money if allowed a plum cabinet position in the ministry. It’s easy to point fingers but will be better if you look inside your inner self.


  7. People dont understand Manmohan is a typical government office clerk. If the boss wants capitalism and economic reforms, he will give capitalism and economic reforms. If the boss wants socialism, he will give socialism. He has zero convictions of his own. He is just like a cockroach, whose only goal is to survive. It might live in a toilet or in a food jar -cockroach survives, even if there is a nuclear attack. Manmohan too, will survive.


  8. Shekar @ we need more ppl like you to put Atanu in place. Great comments. It shows the true character of a typical bharat wasi who thinks that stashing away the money outside the country is not wrong but if given a chance every one like you will do the same. In 1.2 billion ppl, how many folks like Atanu or Shantanu or Sanjeev we will have who have had opportunities to make money but let go of their babu giri jobs and write these articles to enlighten folks like us. Do we learn anything reading stuff her, hell no. We are Indians and we want someone to @#@$$% our happiness always and we feel kinky about that. Shame on you and shame on ppl like you. Sorry if I am rude but don’t put me in the same league as you are. I don’t want to be a looser like you


  9. “I think this whole article is a piece of trash. The author seems to have some personal vengeance against MMS.”

    Unlike you the Congressi stooge!

    MMS blamed RSS for the anti Sikh riots engineered by his own party, how much lower can a man go?

    Especially when you take into account the fact that the much maligned RSS was one of the few who defended the Sikhs, even arch “secularist” Khushwan Singh admits that much.


  10. atanu,
    thanks for calling a spade a spade.chacha manmohan is a bureaucrat and not a reformer or even an economist of any worth.
    he is NOT the father of indian,it is not Rao either.
    please read . your fellow bengali and free market proponent, dr subroto roy was the first to advise rajiv gandhi -then in opposition about the need to reform and also provided a blueprint. chacha mms neither had any inputs or comments.he merely drifted with the wind.he taught exchange controls for heavens sake at DSE.
    to his credit,MMS never claimed to be the architect of reforms even if the media and ignorant indians keep calling him so.perhaps mistaking his non denial as some sort of modesty shining thru.not the case.
    you owe it to a fellow bengali -dr subroto roy to shine the light on a forgotten hero and expose the truth about MMS


  11. This guy digged into a recently de-classified world-bank document that laid down the conditions India had to adopt to be bailed out. No MMS, no PV, no congies; it was foreigners again charting our future course I guess.

    Here’s the link:


  12. Manmohan Singh is today viewed more as a puppet than as a prime minister. I have difference of opinion with his ideas, policies, management style, etc. I can spare on all those grounds but the way he has made the seat shameful is unpardonable and a disgrace. During the previous rule of Ms Jayalalitha, she had to vacate her seat for few months due to a case against her. At that time Mr Paneer Selvam was appointed and it was all known that he is going to act only as a proxy CM. But in my opinion he was acting more wisely than the present prime minister. Mr Paneer Selvam had only enriched in such a manner that few in the state wished that he continue.Manmohan has something to learn from Paneer Selvam, but i am also equally sure that lessons will not go inside him


  13. I don’t understand what the problem with people of India, They know that Congress is always corrupted and still people elected them. After Gandhi and Nehru there no good politicians in congress..they finish the budgets and though the burden on other parties. I think next election if people are thoughtful then BJP would rule the country!! But my feeling is to have communism in India!! else rich will be rich and poor will be poor..thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts!@bose


    1. although i agree with you that congress is corrupt but real destroyers are the people who led india from the beginning, example would be Nehru and Indira gandhi. And i do not know why people forget, Indira gandhi was in love with an orphan with the name firoz and nehru was not ready for this marriage so M K Gandhi adopted that orphan and so the surname continues GANDHI. we should know these Gandhis are fake and in no way related to real GANDHI who was involved in country’s freedom. These Gandhis are not even full Indians!!! They are half-indians looting the country.


  14. >>@Anubhav, You are ignorant of facts.

    Indian Economic Reform Policies were drafted by Dr Subramanian Swamy as Commerce Minister in Janata Party GOVT under S. Chandra Sekhar as Prime Minister. It was PV Narasimha Rao who took the draft and gave it to a dummy called “Moun-Mohan Singh” to implement and MMS as a typical babu just followed his master PV Narasimha Rao’s orders.

    Indian Media/journalists are fake and they work for pieces of “cash crumbles” thrown to them and they gave all the false credit to Scam-Mohan Singh and Scam-Mohan Singh being dishonest as ever took the credit.

    Behind every credit given to Scam-Mohan Singh there is someone else’s hard work and dedication.

    If Moun-Mohan Singh was so good what has he been doing for the last 6-7 years except for becoming a patron of SCAMS and CRIMINALS.


  15. Highly unlikely that MMS will be punished for his crimes.
    India is a “Punishment Free Zone” not a “Crime Free Zone”.

    This puppet PM took 100 crore from Indians and gave to our enemy Pakistan .
    Shame on MMS


  16. I agree with Atanu,s comment. Has everyone forgotten How he allowed Harshad Mehta to loot the common people. Now he is allowing exchequer to be looted. He should be investigated.


  17. This man has so much personal integrity that he didnt even bother to attend the Funeral of PV Narsimha Rao the man who was responsible for his Rise from obscurity.


  18. Imagine 90% of Indians are fooled with simple DD programs, Radio and Newspapers all controlled by Ruling party. Education system is in shatters in rural India, with Ill informed emotional peoples. They Know only Indira, Gandhi, Nehru, Sonia, MMS, Rahul and Priyanka not their History and Kartoots. That is why Rahul is going to rural areas for votes.


  19. Now SMS to all your friend about the the True History and True Kartoots of All Politicians and request them to vote in next elections. If you are true Indian dont go after Religion, Caste, Dalit, pandit, Thakur, Baniya, Yadav, Region, Face of a beautiful women, Tao ki Dabang Mooch, Boodhi Maa ka Face ie Our CM. Vote for development and peace.


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