The Judgement Seat of Vikramaditya

In The Pioneer of Aug 10th, A Surya Prakash asks “Where is the Prime Minister?” There’s nothing astonishing in Prakash’s litany of Mr Manmohan Singh’s mis-governance. No one even remotely interested in what’s going on in India can be unaware of the on-going disasters under Mr Singh’s watch. But Mr Singh is not responsible for this pathetic state of affairs.

Kashmir is boiling over; the Commonwealth Games are a train-wreck happening in slow motion; train-wrecks (the literal type) are killing by the hundreds; the level of public corruption and malfeasance has gone through the roof and reached stratospheric heights; a large portion of the country is gripped by Maoist terror; the Islamization of India is proceeding at a frenetic pace; food price inflation is terrifying to behold; urban decay is inescapable; schemes, ostensibly for the poor but that are engineered to enrich the corrupt politicians and their minions, multiply; . . . The list is apparently endless.

Yes, all this is happening under Mr Singh’s watch. But I maintain that he is not responsible. He is not responsible because he does not have the authority. He is a minion, a rubber-stamp, a cardboard cut-out of a man. He is not an evil man although he presides over evil. He is not a corrupt man, although he shields scores of immensely corrupt criminals. He is not responsible.

He takes orders as he is not capable of figuring out what needs to be done and cannot give orders. He’s a weakling put in a position of power.

In school I had learned the story of the judgement seat of Vikramaditya. A cowherd sitting on the mound over the judgement seat of Vikramaditya could give wise counsel. But an unworthy king who unearths the seat so that he could use it himself in his palace finds that the seat does nothing for him because he does not have a clean conscience.

Mr Singh occupies the seat but that’s clearly not enough for him to become wise or powerful.

Back to Mr Prakash’s article. At one point he writes,

. . . the stench of corruption is very much in the air, we now run the risk of being dubbed a corrupt, incompetent nation.

Risk of being “dubbed a corrupt incompetent nation”? That train, I am afraid, has long reached its destination. India is a kakistocracy: defined as government by the most corrupt and the least principled.

He ends his piece with “Where are you Mr Prime Minister?”

Mr A Surya Prakash, I am afraid that the lights are on but there’s no body home.

4 thoughts on “The Judgement Seat of Vikramaditya

  1. Umasree Raghunath Friday August 13, 2010 / 4:06 pm

    How True Atanu..India is no more a country that can have the pride in its past of rich moral values. Today from every corner, an ordinary man’s life is bombarded with corruption…right from getting a birth certificate to a death certificate nothing comes at its original price.


  2. pankaj Friday August 13, 2010 / 11:18 pm

    How can you say that Atanu,our Pm is such a “honest and decent man”, i deplore you that you have written such things about him you should have used bad words.he is a walking talking “putla”(statue)


  3. Indian Pundit Sunday August 15, 2010 / 1:37 am

    Who is the editor of The Pioneer??

    i am sure he is a very impartial man!


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