Microsoft’s Project TUVA

As my friend Rajan Parrikar wrote when he sent me the link to Microsoft’s Project Tuva, “What times we live in that all of this is now at our fingertips.”

If you end up watching Richard Feynman’s lectures posted on Project Tuva and neglecting your work, don’t blame me; blame Microsoft or even Feynman. In any case, it is always delightful and instructive to virtually attend the great man’s lectures.

What thrills me about this is how this technology makes learning on the web so much more efficient and effective. You will find a nice write up about the lectures at PROBLOG.

(Note that Google Chrome is not a supported browser for Silverlight, the software required for playing those videos. Firefox is supported, however.)

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Project TUVA”

  1. I learned about the videos yesterday afternoon and am already half way through.

    During Lecture 1, pay attention where Feynman forcefully labels astrologers and their horoscopes non-sense. How I miss Feynman, Carl Sagan and their like! There seem to be so few of them now.

    I find it interesting that here in Berkeley, right beside a world class university there are so many of these psychics and astrologers and what have you.


  2. Atanu & dp.chalasani,

    At last I came to know the truth about astrology from a gentleman well versed in Scriptures including Vedanta.

    He categorically stated Astrology is strictly meant for Temple construction and allied Rituals. Not for predictions about an individual’s life , prayaschitta etc etc.

    Irony of ironies being, the famous Astrological Magazine ( Bangalore)closed down announcing:

    “…..due to unforeseen circumstances , we have closed……”


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