A Country Gets the Government it Deserves, and Rightly so.

I was talking with a friend of mine in Pune about the election results, expressing my disappointment. More than the results, what struck me was his attempt at consoling me when he said, “India is a third-rate country. What do you expect — a first-rate government for a third-rate country?”

Yes, I still expect a first-rate government even through reason says that it will inevitably be a third-rate government because the people desire it to be so.

That’s unreasonable but all progress gets its start from unreasonable expectations.

Author: Atanu Dey


3 thoughts on “A Country Gets the Government it Deserves, and Rightly so.”

  1. Atanu,

    In another e-mail exchange on the topic one of my friends commented – “BJP has divided the nation, marked people as Muslim, Christian Hindu etc ..hence Congress is the lesser evil” I am so disappointed…the
    electorate in India does not even begin to understand the results of congress misrule. Here was my response –

    – The whole mess of Ram Mandir was started by Cognress, 1948 – installing the idols (Nehru & Pant) , 1986 – allowing puja to take place (Rajiv Gandhi & ND Tiwari), 1992 – Demolition & Riots (Rao in center, Sharad Pawar was CM of Maharashtra)

    – Congress calls itself secular party but embraces Muslim League with both arms, they wrote different civil laws for different religions into constituion and resist every attempt to move towards uniform civil code (Rajiv Gandhi’s reversal on Shah Bano case)

    – It is not like there were no riots before 1992, I can probably fill up pages, it is just that COngress with its control over the acadmia does not let the true histroy be taught. I am not condoning in anyway Godhra, Kandhmal or Mangalore, simply pointing out that religious violence has always been part of India and it will be some time before it ends.

    – Reason I hate congress – Out of 62 years of independce they have ruled the coutnry for 50+ years and the results – 456 million Indians live below poverty line(42% of our population), adult literacy rate of 66% (China is 91%, Sri Lanka 92%), 46% of children below 3 yrs of age are malnourished yes 46% which is higher than Ethiopia and China is at 8%. All this is result of the wrong policies pursued by COngress over 50 years and now we have to suffer another 5 years of their mis-rule.

    So my friends life for us may go on in our AC environs…and we can continue watching our IPL matches on our LCD TV’s ….but as a nation we should weep for the umpteenth poor and hungry children who we are condemning to a life of subsistence. Think about that when you say Congress is lesser of the two evils.

    We need a massive campaign to educate the masses to at least understand what they have been subjected to. only then is there a hope.


  2. I think this country needs a lot more than a government. It needs some common sense and the willingness to see a piece of sh** when it sees some. I had written a post about how the system could use some change a while ago. I think the whole sh** of the elections and “Vote karo” chants really are pointless. I also liked P.Sainath’s article (which I have linked in the post). He does make some relevant points. After all, if we need Bollywood and the other silly people to encourage those above voting age to make a choice, then we should be least disappointed with any entity ruling at the centre. As the wise monk said, “What a sham!”


  3. Hi Mr. Dey,

    I agree with a lot of what you say about a lot of things, including the Congress. But I feel that the time has come that we acknowledge the power that the Gandhi family has over Indian politics, and India as a whole.

    It is impossible to remain blind to the fact that this will probably continue to be true for quite some time to come.

    Maybe the time has come to attack the problems from the other side? From inside the enemy camp, so to speak?

    I, with my limited knowledge, believe there are a few good men still in Congress. Mr. P. Chidambaram and Mr. Pranab Mukherjee spring to mind.

    Also, I have recently found that I am often guilty of committing the “Nirvana Fallacy”. Could you also be falling prey to the same??


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