Sandeep’s “India’s Most Loathsome 2008” is live

In keeping with what he did last year, this year too Sandeep has compiled a list of 16 India’s Most Loathsome People. The prime minister makes it next to the top spot; Sonia Gandhi wins the coveted top of the list. I disagree. I think that the top of the list, like the Time’s Person of the Year, must be “YOU — the average Indian.” My comment on Sandeep’s blog:

Sandeep, as I read down the list, it occurred to me that these exalted loathsome ones are there — up there in the higher reaches of power — not because they are loathsome but because someone put them up there.

Then I read Ravi’s comment (first in the list) where he says, “Last but not the least I wish you give a thought to putting ‘us’ all the unwashed millions right on the top for being so absolutely knaive and unprepared to learn.”

I agree. The top of the list has to be “You — the average Indian.” You are collectively the most loathsome because these others on the list are there because you — through your apathy, ignorance, stupidity, and general worthlessness — you allow this disasterous farce to go on without rising up in revolt and getting rid of them.

The sentence: that you will continue to be ruled by your even more worthless leaders.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

Author: Atanu Dey


5 thoughts on “Sandeep’s “India’s Most Loathsome 2008” is live”

  1. It is time to go beyond India’s Most Loathsome 2008. It is our existence which is in doubt. The next terrorist attacks will be bigger and destruction will be at bigger scale. Imagine a chemical attack , a biological attack on us. Where do we think once jihadis have access to
    real weapons of mass destruction to be used ?
    United States, Europe ?
    It will be India first as it would be the most simplest operation for the jihadis giver our security infrastructure.
    The world has to act. It is time that an international force gets into Pakistan and flush out terrorist. It is now not a matter of ideology.
    It is our existence which is in question. If the world does not act we will see Nostradamus predictions come true though late by some years. The world has to act or there will be no one to loathe about.


  2. I, on the other hand, refuse to accept it as “our” mistake, because some bungling idiots, well, bungled. Things went wrong because those in charge did not do the right things, and at the right time.

    ‘Evil’ does not get rooted out of society just like that. It gets ‘evolved’ out, by us making certain ‘selections’ or decisions or policies. This too, like evolution, takes time. I think we’ve come a long way from the middle ages, when there was not so much opportunity/rationality/science among the masses. Its only been some hundreds of years since then. For any favourable ‘selection’ or ‘evolution’ to happen with our societies, it might take some thousands of years – as with our species itself. We will not be there to see it. But, we should fight for our right/freedom, against ‘evil’, and hold fast to our principles. So that, at least the future generations might realise the ideal society.

    The governments have enough ‘intelligence’ and power to collectively deal with this terrorist problem. But, I don’t know if anything will be done.

    According to what you say… then George Bush did the right thing by warring on Iraq. He just reacted in the obvious manner to the 9/11 attacks, right?


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