3 thoughts on “Government Response to July 11th Terrorism

  1. dodo Thursday July 27, 2006 / 8:12 pm

    hit the nail on the head


  2. IndraSen Friday July 28, 2006 / 4:36 pm

    I would also like to add:

    The pseudo-seculars think, if we survived last 1000 years we will survive in future and attribute it to hindu-tolerance!! (instead of giving credit to Pruthviraj, Shivaji, Zhashi, Bhakti-movement, Subhaschandra etc). This is in realistic sense most twisted interpretation of our history ever.


  3. IndraSen Monday July 31, 2006 / 4:52 am

    In case you are not aware, there is plenty of evidence of Iranian spies + ISI + SIMI. It is our typical ignorance and innocent faith in our so called thousand years old links. I don’t know why India values these vogue links so much. And what kind of links? some parsis migrated couple of thousand years back before Iran became islmanic. so..? After that lots of sultans came around invading, converting and butchering millions of innocent hindus. And we still don’t refrain from licking feet of this meaningless country. What should matter to us is our national interests and not some meaningless friendships. Iranians have joined hands with pakistan (read ISI) on many occasions to backstab India. We are just too blind to see through all this thousand years old friendship nonsense. Unfortunately this can be attributed to our pseudo-secular mindset.

    Coming back to Pakistan, they want war, we give them a war. But not in India, but in pakistan it self. There are lots of opportunities… Baloch, sindh, wazirstan, PoK, Afgan Border. I don’t understand how Indian strategists and Generals can miss such fronts? We have to stop being over-idealistic and get tricky and ruthless in order to preserve our security and heritage.


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