Back to IIT Kanpur

So I am off today to one of my alma maters. IIT Kanpur where I studied computer science a life-time ago.

I am contributing to a volume called “India Infrastructure Report” which will be published later this year by Oxford Univ Press. This year the focus is on rural infrastructure. I am going to IIT Kanpur to be at the writers’ workshop where we will sit and review the first draft of all the contributors.

My contribution is simple. RISC. More about it later.

PS: Getting to IIT Kanpur is hard. Flights from Mumbai to Delhi, then Delhi to Lucknow, and then a car ride from Lucknow to Kalyanpur where IIT Kanpur is located. Wish me luck since the security will no doubt put me on edge.

4 thoughts on “Back to IIT Kanpur

  1. shiv Thursday July 20, 2006 / 8:30 pm

    I have not spent a whole bunch of time on the RISC model, however the economic sense it makes in terms of infrastructure consolidation and delivery attracts me to it. However the energy costs of the operation and what it will do our carbon emmission make the model iffy at best. Without getting into a debate on the Kyoto protocol and golbal warming, has any thought been given to the fact that if such a large population is to be provided with urban services, where is the energy and how compliant will this be to the emmission targets that India will have to honour after 2012 ?


  2. AmarSheepSingh Friday July 21, 2006 / 4:29 am

    It is better to attack to see if the RISC model is applicable and and what services it needs…
    then try to improve energy efficiency
    Then some one can try other energy substitutions.
    Regarding Carbon emmisions when a large rural population accesses is still a bunk issue, b/c lets get their first!….
    My personal view is that india is going to have to back out of kyoto.
    Why you ask. simply put COAL.
    India has a significant amount of coal for energy generation and steel production.
    Both will be growth industry.
    Both are at least 2 orders of magnitude cleaner than 1st generation and it will continue…


  3. Jayant N Friday July 21, 2006 / 9:48 am

    Atanu, more than “luck” I wish you the greatest success in all your endevours. Just tell people to “Take the RISK”!!


  4. Hiren Monday July 24, 2006 / 7:48 pm

    Best of luck for both the report and the workshop.


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