Mumbai Serial Bomb Attack

The terrorists have struck once again. This time it appears to be a series of bombs on the Western line of Mumbai locals. So far reports indicate about half a dozen bombs during rush hour.

Assumption: lots of people killed. Islamic terrorism in action.
Prediction: More ineffectual inane statements from the politicians. Especially the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the supreme leader of India Ms Sonia Gandhi. More security will be assigned to them and other politicians. Dr Singh may increase the number of bus and train services between Pakistan and India. The border between Pakistan and India will be made less secure so that Islamic terrorism can have less resistance.

I think that it is time my suggestion that leaders be held accountable for acts of terrorism be taken seriously. Unless the leaders feel the pain of terrorism, they will not have the slightest interest in preventing terrorism. See “Terrorism–A Way Out” on this blog.

Post-script: If the media calls this one “7/11”, I swear I will puke. The rate at which Islamic terrorism is going, it makes no sense since surely the entire calendar will be filled in the next couple of years: 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, … , 12/30, 12/31. To my mind, only 9/11 has some legitimacy when it comes to naming Islamic terrorism with a date. The rest are too late.

PS: 9:44 PM

Prime Minister Singh makes his inane statement: “The series of blasts in Jammu and Kashmir and in Mumbai are shocking and cowardly attempts to spread a feeling of fear and terror among our citizens.”

Yes, indeed so. The politicians, are on the other hand, totally unconcerned because they will never have to take public transportation and will not have to die in terrorist blasts.

Ms Sonia Gandhi, Dr Singh’s boss, expressed shock. Why? Even an ordinary citizen like me has figured out by now that Islamic terrorism is the order of the day and unless one has been hiding under the rock for the last few decades, it should be expected and not shocking. Or is the supreme leader so out of touch with the daily occurrences around the world that it is shocking to note terrorism?

Author: Atanu Dey


7 thoughts on “Mumbai Serial Bomb Attack”

  1. Mrs.Gandhi is going to mumbai! Now all the atention will be on ‘her’ security and officials will be busy following protocol rather than….
    As usual.


  2. CNN-IBN has already used 7/11. They were also very eager to point out to us repeatedly that they were the first to bring live footage.

    BBC as usual only refered to “Kashmiri separatist” groups, and when some security experts mentioned Pakistan and Pak-sponsored terrorist groups, the BBC anchor was quick to point out that these are only suspicions. Why even our own NDTV ignored Pakistani connection when Ajay Sahni repeatedly mentioned Pakistan’s involvement.

    The home minister made the usual statements of condemnation. He also informed us that “She was asking”. So gracious of Her to enquire. But I am yet to see him say that every effort will be made to catch and punish the guilty.


  3. Do political statements really help in easing the pain and suffering of all the people who faced the brunt of this latest mindless attack?
    I agree with you, these politicians do not know what it means to travel by local transport in Bombay, where getting into a fast train and getting back home in one piece is in itself no mean feat.
    And then we have terrorists who want to make their point at the expense of all of these innocent people, whose only crime is that they are too busy surviving to interest themselves in the political battles being fought between these terrorists and the government.
    Well,I must say they made a point- but somehow in the middle of all this pointless agony, I somehow missed it. What is it that they were trying to say?
    That they can make life miserable for all of us citizens ( I do not include the politicians in this category- and I will not call the citizens of Bombay anything demeaning like ‘ a common man’)
    of India whenever it fancies them? Well, they don’t have to try so hard, the rains along with the government had already been doing an excellent job in that area for the past week in Bombay.
    To the person on the street, the message is clear- get the job done, keep the economy running. Come rain or shine, don’t complain. The situation is already better in the hypothetical world of the politicians who are responsible for our wellbeing.
    Pay your taxes, be an honest citizen, let parties like Shivsena wreak havoc in your lives for the sake of a statue- and above all don’t ask for your rights!! Just feel proud that the newspapers declare all the people in Bombay amazing and that the ‘spirit of Bombay is still alive’. India is truly shining!!!



  4. “If the media calls this one “7/11”, I swear I will puke” — hope you have cleaned up by now, Atanu.

    From Parashuram (Rajshekhar Bose), in Bangla:

    Chhagol, shuar, goru, hindu musholman,
    Probhu’r udore jaia shokole shoman.

    (About how Sundarban tigers are not finicky about their diet.)


  5. If there is one thing I am sure about, it is this:

    ‘This is not the last time Mumbai will be the target of a terrorist’.

    We are a nation of wimps. After each incident, we hear some homilies from the government. It is time we see some reaction apart from the ‘official statements urging calm’. Even if there is circumstantial evidence that Pakistan is involved (like the presence of Dawood or anyone else who ‘might’ be involved), take out one terrorist camp in POK with a surgical missile strike (this will save us money and effort in amassing troops on the border and the like). What the fuck are those missiles for anyway?

    Let the enemy think for a change. The only time we did anything of note was when parliament was attacked (like you said in another post, Atanu, the leaders directly need to feel the pain before anything happens).

    When can we expect a leader with balls?


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