Teaching Adults to Think

Adults can be taught to think pretty much like a dog can be taught to walk upright on its hind legs. It is a nice amusing trick but does not get the dog very far. DeBono’s books are the equivalent of a dog-trainer’s handbook.

[Source: How to Think, to Fast, and to Wait.]

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  1. “One is free only to the extent that one does not depend on resources external to oneself” …beautiful.

    In restraint one discovers the freedom.

    But the subconscious cannot be controlled – with ease. Is right education the only cure of correcting thought or having the right view ?. Is culture a part of education – what part does a family/society plays in moulding a self.


  2. Shivani,

    The right education is the necessary but not the sufficient condition for having the right view. Culture imparts education and is the foundation upon which the rest of the structure is built. And the family is the primary unit which transmits cultural values.


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